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Janice McLean DeLoatch, Tv Host, Radio Personality,Entrepreneur, Author and Advocate for fairness in all industries has always had to think on her feet. Known for her TV show, Entrepreneur's Edge TV, and now her weekly radio show, It's Janice: Minority Women Entrepreneurs on WOLB 1010 Talk Radio, Janice has been a passionate advocate helping people understand that it is okay to be an entrepreneur and venture out to create your own businesses all the while controlling risk; it can be done, I did it although not easy. As a small business advocate, Janice is a knowledgeable resource and tireless mentor encouraging entrepreneurs, businesses and innovation creators.

Janice started out on the journey of entrepreneurship teaching fashion, modeling workshops, then event planning with talent shows called "City Search - 1988", to a business that sold pantyhose out of vending machines. Still seeking her calling, she moved on from fashion, modeling workshops, event planning and the pantyhose vending machine business venture (which did eventually fail). Like all entrepreneurs, Janice saw obstacles as opportunities to learn, grow and succeed. One door closes and another opens and Janice had the opportunity to showcase her business ideas in Entrepreneur's StartUps Magazine and many other noteworthy publications.

Despite the temporary setback of her first business idea, like all good entrepreneurs, Janice reconsidered her options and created highly viewed, novel television show well regarded by critics. Her show presents a window for viewers who are potential start up entrepreneurs and those in the difficult firsts two years of commerce, mid-size business owners, innovators and just those with a thirst for being part of other people's dreams who exhibit booming creative energy. Her viewers and live audiences can learn about various aspects of entrepreneurship, alternative resources, business opportunities in any economic environment and innovation while interviewing top entrepreneurs in various fields who share their false starts and ultimate success. Viewers find Janice's show segments, antics, her engaging style, featured celebrities and backstage event access to be inspirational and immediately useful.

After being forced to re-brand her tv show because of Entrepreneur Magazine stealing her business identity, Janice re-branded her show "It's Janice".

"It's Janice", is a half-hour weekly radio show on WOLB 1010 Talk Radio (part of Radio One) serving the Baltimore/DC corridor. Her show is jam packed with useful, educational and informational tools to help especially minority women entrepreneurs to draw in their strengths, women of color who are mid-level and corporate businesses successes today and tomorrow.

The show is hosted by Janice who has been described kin the media as a bright, articulate, energetic and enthusiastic entrepreneur, turned tv host and producer who brings a background of entrepreneurship, politics, business, entertainment and television experience to the screen to educate, inspire, motivate and empower her viewers to create their own success with the helpful information being shared.

In addition to covering all aspects of business, viewers can also enjoy a variety of special segments that have included, marketing, personal finance, wellness highlighted by special guest appearances by Chef Marcus Myles Business Catering, Daymond John (FUBU, Shark Tank), the legendary Etta James (Blues Singer) and many other great entrepreneurs, business leaders, politicians, entertainers, sports and civil rights figures.

The shows fast pace keeps viewers engaged and encourages them to become a part by submitting their story to be featured in future episodes. The companion website http://www.janice.media provides additional information, helpful links and details from previous episodes. So tune into It's Janice on WOLB 1010 Talk Radio and watch my TV show on Harford Cable Network, PAC 14 Salisbury MD, Mayor's Cable Channel Baltimore City

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The Black Shopping Network premier July 7, 2020
Janice McLean DeLoatch, Owner
Executive Producer and Host
(443) 299-7360

JMD Entertainment Group, LLC is proud to announce the launch of a major shopping network--The Black Shopping Network. Since the first day of the radio show, It's Janice! on Radio One WOLB 1010, Janice McLean DeLoatch the founder and host of and her own radio show and sole proprietor of JMD Entertainment Group, LLC, author, entrepreneur and minority woman small business owner herself, was and is a tireless advocate for minority women business owners. Ms DeLoatch estimates that black consumers account for an estimated $1.2 trillion in economic spending--this is monumental economic power. These businesses are fueled by the community, they rely on community support,'' says DeLoatch. ''Even if it's just visibility of their business and featuring their products on global internet, that would be enough to generate immediate critical support as we come out of the Covid-19 pandemic.'' Supporting some of the 2.6 million black-owned businesses in the U.S. on The Black Shopping Network is a way for non-black people to show true allyship, says DeLoatch, rather than just saying they support Black Lives Matter or another movement.

Search #blackedownedbusiness on Instagram or Twitter, and you'll find hundreds of posts from people across the U.S. sharing their own lists of local, black-owned restaurants, bookstores, beauty brands and more. Even now there isn't a black owned network in the web supporting and featuring small black businesses until the Black Shopping Network.

JMD Entertainment Group, LLC , Ms DeLoatch's sole proprietorship, is using the tag line Black Businesses Matter© for The Black Shopping Network. ''It's so important to support black-owned businesses right now, because we are doing the work,'' says Janice. ''It’s supporting the actual communities where injustice occurs.'' While a one-time order helps--especially as many small businesses struggle from coronavirus shutdowns--it's not enough to combat racism or help black communities in the long run.

The problem of racism affecting minority owned small businesses immediately impacts reaching customers. The competition for many small black owned businesses is the Godzilla of predators--Amazon. Black owned small businesses can't get on or afford Amazon's predatory tactics that squeeze ever more money out of hundreds of thousands of companies from tiny start-ups to giant brands that put the everything into Amazon's Everything Store. So how are small minority businesses to achieve recognizable scale, gain recognition, build brand and flourish?

The Black Shopping Network will be a highly recognized, low-cost vehicle for minority businesses to reach a substantial audience and generate sales they never dreamed of. Since many small minority owned businesses either do not have a website and/or waste their often limited resources depending on adds on social media that do not translate into repeat customers and actual sales, The Black Shopping Network will feature services such as low cost website development, search optimization, national advertising, business spotlighting, low cost liability insurance, and minority small business resources to protect, manage, sustain and grow their business. The Black Shopping Network will provide affordability, recognizability, market reach, and access to financial and community resources to shape and sustain any small minority owned business.


Tracy Lynn Jewelry
Janice McLean DeLoatch's Red Carpet Television Screening was Awesome!' The event was very upscale and high-end.I was able to meet and connect with talented, smart productive people who supported my business with many sales that evening."

"Great Event and Networking Opportunity from a business perspective. The event was well put together from Cello Players to Michael Jackson Impersonator. The JMD Red Carpet Gala and Television Screening Event was home to many entrepreneurs and business owners, many of whom did not have a business banking relationship with their banks. We look forward to partnering again on this event."

Luxury Cars, Luxury Events Great Nite!
"Other than our own events, Janice and JMD Entertainment Group's Red Carpet Event is pretty much the only other entrepreneurial networking event we attend every year.

Men's Warehouse
"I'm from France. This event - Magnificent!"

John Walters
Actor/Film Director
I am looking forward to attending, 2015"

Karen Blake
Prism Insurance Group
"Janice has an extensive professional resume that will give assurance that her production will be beyond compare."

George Simmons
"Serving an important need."

Donna Mechura
Realtor with Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices PenFed Realty
"Janice is a wonderful host and business woman! She's a natural on camera and always makes you like a friend. "

Beth Sullivan
A Better Business Solution, LLC
"Janet was the teacher of an entrepreneurial class I took and the class was both entertaining and informative. "

Wendy Dorsey
Dorsey Enterprises LLC
Highly Recommended


Janice McLean DeLoatch, Owner
Executive Producer and Host
(443) 299-7360
PO Box 1194
Abingdon, MD 21009