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“This consistently excellent recording with a crisp full sound is Flamenco Pacifico’s
newest CD Convivencia. Every musician on this CD is musically masterful: Berto
Boyd (guitar) Grant Ruiz (guitar, vocals) and Terry Longshore (percussion).
Together they display wonderful musical, rhythmic precision counter balanced by the driving pathos of Flamenco music with its edginess of expressed passion. ¡Olé!
Lauren Pomerantz, owner Songbird Music, recording artist

Berto (musical director of Flamenco Pacifico) is a consummate professional - creative, detail oriented, personable. His mastery of Spanish classical and flamenco guitar is superior, and he has a great understanding of how to shape a performance. I have hired him several times, and always been thrilled with his work. What a joy to know that I can hand him my audience and not have to worry - I know that they will get a great show! Mignonne Profant - The John E. Profant Foundation for the Arts

I hired Berto and his music partner Grant to play Flamenco and classical music for my dad’s 80th birthday. It was a small in-house concert for just our family and it was a wonderful evening. My family loves music, and we come from a long line of professional musicians and music lovers so it was important that who I hired be exceptional for this important celebration. Berto and Grant were absolute pros. Their music was wonderful and they were also wonderful as people explaining some of the Flamenco traditions, engaging my seven year old a bit and chatting with us in between music sets. We hired them for two hours (which went by quickly). I absolutely recommend them for in-house concerts. It will be an evening my family always remembers. - Julie W.

Berto Boyd is an amazing guitarist who will blow your tree-climbing Pacific Northwest minds with his flamenco guitar. I feel confident saying that because it happened to me when I heard him play, and I sort of like to imagine everyone’s mind is as fragile and combustible as mine. Also he looks like a Miami Vice villain which doesn’t hurt. - The Corvallis Advocate

"Berto's virtuosic jazz-inflected Flamenco is filled with infectious musical and emotional fire. But what's most inspiring about him is his courageous and relentless effort to reach new musical horizons, and the energy he dedicates to his musical community. When I see Berto play I think of Blake's maxim: "Energy is Eternal Delight." - Jeffrey Muhr - Freelance Editor, educational publishing

"I love this album! It grooves so hard, is intense and artful.. flamenco with a jazz improv vibe combined with inventive arrangements..and the playing is stunning. I dig the vocals too. I don't understand a word but I love the dark vocal vibe..this cool rasp that is so heartfelt and urgent...rad! Super cool! Thanks for getting it to me! I hope it's a smash hit and you guys tour the world!”
- Page Hamilton, lead guitarist of Helmut

"A fresh yet vintage album from Berto Boyd and Grant Ruiz, full of lively energy and sparkle. I particularly enjoyed the last 4 cuts. The Sevillanas are vibrant yet have weight and some lovely two part harmonies. The last three pieces are deep and soulful. Congratulations on a debut CD!" - Adam Del Monte - Flamenco Composer/Adjunct Assistant Professor USC School of Music /

"I'm an immediate fan. This is one of the best new things in flamenco I've heard. The album has attractive variety and cites the various flamenco types involved. The guitar playing is crystal clear, with authentic Flamenco flare and virtuosity. Several of the songs evolve into some really interesting flamenco harmonies. This is going places and I'm sure many people already can hear that..." Webster Young - Former opinion writer on music for Newsday and the National Catholic Register /

"Flamenco Pacifico's superb album "Convivencia" not only passionately and convincingly explores the long-standing and soulful traditions of flamenco music, but also deftly and creatively includes expressive elements of Brazilian samba and American jazz. The result is a highly infectious, ever-interesting, entertaining, deeply rhythmic, and hypnotically captivating amalgam of music that defines and explores the thematic possibilities of the well-chosen title of the album: "Convivencia" ... "coexistence." Steeped in experienced and excellent musicianship, this album comes highly recommended." - Michael "Hawkeye" Herman /

"Flamenco Pacifico sparkles with passion, energy, and virtuosic excellence. Grant Ruiz and Berto Boyd are masters of their instrument, and the fretless bass from Randy Tico adds a beautiful, rounded texture to the mix. The compositions take you into serene and moving musical landscapes you'll want to visit again and again! This is flamenco music at its best." - Kathy Zavada, singer/songwriter/recording artist /

"Fiery rhythmical magic, a must see!" - Scott Topper (Fox News)

"The Ballsiest style of guitar I've ever seen." - Pink (AKA Alecia Moore) Grammy Award winner

"The most beautiful music I've ever heard" - Diane Lane (Academy Award winning Actor)

"[Berto's] fiery and expressive music transports listeners to Andalusia, Spain." - Tinta Latina Magazine

"From a venue standpoint, working with Berto and Flamenco Pacifico has been a dream. They promote harder and better than any act we work with and when it comes to technical details and producing the performance they are flexible and know exactly what they need well before we need to have that information. With regards to their immense talent, our venue received nothing but compliments and requests for additional performance after our most recent show with them. I can't recommend working with them enough" - Jimbo Ivy - Manager of Majestic Theater

"Flamenco Pacifico brings the rich and luscious sounds of Flamenco music to life with original and traditional compositions. The dramatic conversation between the players and the dancers is riveting and will leave the audience wanting more. A beautiful and mesmerizing experience for all who are lucky enough to witness." - Cassie Fetty (Assistant Producer of the Green Show, Oregon Shakespeare Festival)

Flamenco Pacifico
"Their show is a real gem of the flamenco art form with a wonderful combination of musical virtuosity, visual elegance, and a roller coaster of emotions that left me with both tears and a huge smile on my face." - Jon Sharp, President of the Corvallis Guitar Society

Flamenco Pacifico
One might not expect the Pacific Northwest of the U.S. to be fertile ground for flamenco—or classical guitar, for that matter—but it is, on both counts! Flemenco Pacifico is an Oregon-based ensemble consisting of guitarists Berto Boyd and Grant Ruiz (who also sings) and percussionist Terry Longshore, and on this album (and apparently in some live performances), aided by various musical friends on some tracks—fretless bassist Randy Tico adds a strong, Jaco-esque jazz vibe to the several pieces on which he appears. Most of these are instrumentals, deeply infused with flamenco flavors (Spanish progressions, rasgueado strumming, rhythmic palmas, some Moorish vibe in places), and a few also feature effective lead vocals from Grant Ruiz. This group is not afraid to take some chances, as they show on the two longest pieces: Convivencia, which is bathed in Middle Eastern flavors, and the mutli-textured Que Yo No Soy. Yet they can convincingly play more traditionally structured pieces, like the pretty Colores del Sur, too, without sounding overly clichéd. I also really enjoyed the expansive, lone solo guitar piece, Buenaventura, and tip my hat to the imaginative percussion work by Longshore, particularly on what sounds like a ringing, clay pot udu (perhaps?). All in all a solid and entertaining album.
All pieces by Boyd except where indicated: Arrincónamela (Caracafe, Quilate); Choco; Convivencia; Escapando del calor; Malecón; Que yo no soy; Colores del sur (traditional) ; Sueño del minero; Buenaventura; Lorca por soleá (based on Zorongo Gitano by Lorca)
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