Director's Chair

$80 US

Take center stage with this chair that stars you! This director's chair is a perfect gift for the special person in your life--that may even be you!. Or use it as a decoration at your next party! Wood with canvas seat and back. 21" x 34" x 16" Simple assembly.

Entrepreneur 101: Tools for Success V. 1

$15 US

This video introduces the small business owner, entrepreneur, and consultant to key strategies to grow and sustain a business. Too often, entrepreneurs who start or acquire a business and professional consultants have tremendous expertise in their chosen endeavor but completely lack an awareness of what it takes to be a business success. Introducing the entrepreneur to the need to build a business financial plan, and to hire a team of experts--accountants, business planners, investment brokers, attorneys--shifts the burden to figure out where to start to the team that any entrepreneur must build. Rather than have to wade through texts offering advice book after book and not knowing who to believe, assembled here are experts in short video clips bringing entrepreneurs the essentials. The value of Entrepreneurs: 101--Tools for Success lies in the expert commentary and not in its production values. This CD will save new business entrepreneurs from a host of costly business mistakes that would certainly have derailed their business dreams. This is a must purchase (and an inexpensive one at that) to get your small business on track and keep it there. The principle owner and founder of the Entrepreneurs Edge, Janice McLean DeLoatch, founded Entrepreneurs Edge because of the frustration she encountered as a small minority and female business owner to garner and pay for expert advice on a shoestring budget with few professional contacts to provide solid guidance. Ms DeLoatch is a good moderator, asking essential questions without imposing herself on the expert to ensure that she gets the best information that they can offer. Now a successful entrepreneur, web and television personality, Ms DeLoatch wants every individual with a dream of owning and operating a successful business to begin the journey armed with essential tools and expert advice. She has succeeded admirably.

Janice T-Shirt

$15 US

Who doesn't love t-shirts? If we could wear t-shirts every single day of our lives, we would. They're just the perfect piece of clothing. Fabulous for running errands, lounging about the house, or meeting a friend for coffee, it never hurts to show your style with a cute and sassy Janice monogram. Born To Be Sassy's women's monogrammed shirts are great for layering too. Throw on your Janice tee you're good to go!

Janice Mug

$15 US

Add some flair to your morning coffee or give a Janice Media mug to a loved one or better yet give yourself on too. Featuring an attractive Janice monogram they really stand out from the crowd.

Keys Lanyard

$5 US

Your Janice programmed Lanyard have a strong breakaway clasp to remain closed even when carrying heavier car keys ,your ID, or something else. but detaches in case of emergency, keeping you safe at all times.


$20 US

MADE TO KEEP YOU WARM, COMFY & STYLISH: Made from 100% durable and soft acrylic material, your brand new rolled cuff beanie will help you feel warm and look sharp on cold, windy or snowy days. No need to settle for boring hats anymore.


$10 US

Janice sleep mask is oerfect when you want to zone out and just plain relax!!! Use this sleep mask for better eyes relax during sleeping and you'll wake up in a good mood and full of energy! The Janice embroidery design will help you to have stylish look even during sleep and start your day very positively! This Delightful eye mask is perfect for everyday use or special occasions like wedding, bachelorette or PJ party. This felt material does not glitter like synthetic felt. It looks expensive! Felt is eco-friendly and hypoallergenic material. Back side is black silky satin. Gentle on the eyes and very relaxing! Elastic is used to keep the mask in place.


$0 US

Thank you for supporting me through buying my Janice merchandise and listening faithfully to my radio and TV shows that I do to bring women of color the best information available about entrepreneurship and small businesses to achieve financial independence and reduce business risk. To show my appreciation for your purchase I am giving to each purchaser your choice of a free Janice pen or mint tin. Thank you for your continued support of my work. Much Love, Janice

Autobiography of An Entrepreneur


Top Reviews Mel E. Albin 4.0 out of 5 stars The True Measure of the Entrepreneurial Spirit Reviewed in the United States on May 1, 2020 In the age of Covid-19 a book about the entrepreneurial spirit in all of us-finding hope and uncovering that silver lining to start a business for greater job security and financial freedom is a great elixir for the lock down blues. Janice McLean DeLoatch personifies what it means to be an Entrepreneur: she is an innovator, a source of new ideas, goods, services, and business development. Was she always successful, no, but she picked herself up, dusted herself off and went on to succeed recreating herself in the process. How hard was it for a black, female entrepreneur? Ridiculously hard! But Janice is not someone to take lightly. What is so remarkable about this female entrepreneur's journey is her unswerving belief that being an entrepreneur is her calling and challenges are her place of business. The book addresses Janice's first creative idea--pantyhose vending machines! Under-capitalized Janice never achieved the success the idea warranted. As time wore on Janice wanted to share her experiences with others who could achieve financial independence through their own development and delivery of innovative products and/or services. Janice touches on important resources and information for aspiring entrepreneurs: competitive analysis business formation, product development, alternative financing, marketing, and more. She also shares the pitfalls she encountered and how to reduce risk in creating your own business enterprise. If you are looking for a how to do it book about entrepreneurship why not go to the person that has learned the ropes by succeeding out of adversity--this is a unique first person approach to how to do it--admitting mistakes and roadblocks but always pointing to the next venture typically more successful than the last. What a perfect title--The Autobiography of an Entrepreneur! You need not go any further to find a how to do it compendium. Well written, many great examples and a plethora of things to think about and resources galore that every entrepreneur needs to know. I hope Ms DeLoatch writes an update so that we can see how she continues to achieve success with her never surrender, take no prisoners approach--she personifies the entrepreneurial spirit that we all need to learn from.

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